☆ about me ☆

Hi im koi, a freelance digital artist and Ive been making live2d models and rigs for 2 years ♥

please take a look at my price sheet and queue if you are interested in a commission

☆ price sheets ☆

☆ LIVE2D ☆

model art + rigging (fullbody)8001000
model art + rigging (halfbody)500625
alternate outfit100125
Extra expressions1012

* If the design is very complex there may be an upcharge

Whats Included -
☆ the model art will be sent as a png and psd
☆ the rigging will include vbridger support for more expressive face movement
☆ you can choose up to 6 expressions, all of them can be animated if it fits
☆ 1 different arm pose is included
☆ Model will be set up in vtube studio
☆ includes a nude base for extra outfits to be added in the future

Expression examples, but not limited to these


portrait (simple)2025
portrait (detailed)3550
half body (simple)2530
half body (detailed)4555
full body (simple)3040
full body (detailed)6070
reference sheet7085
+ simple animation1013
extra characters+50% 
emotes (animated)2025
chibi (fullbody)1520

live2d terms and conditions

☆ all payments are in gbp through paypal. half of the payment must be sent upfront, and half on completion
☆ you must provide a reference sheet or detailed description of your design. You will have multiple opportunities to request changes during the drawing phase
☆ completion can take anywhere between 2 - 8 weeks depending on my schedule
☆ if you cancel your commission before I start you will recieve a full refund. If not, a partial refund will be offered.
☆ upon completion the files will be set up for you in vtube studio and sent through google drive
☆ please credit me @artofkoi in your bio/description when using your model

☆ portfolio ☆

These are some examples of the different types of artwork that I can do, if there's something you'd like to see that isn't here just ask

☆ live2d showcase☆

☆ model art ☆


☆ Illustrations (simple style)☆

☆ Illustrations (detailed style)☆

☆ Illustrations (animated)☆

☆ logos ☆

☆ emotes ☆

☆ vtuber assets ☆

☆ Free Assets ☆

Below is a selection of free to download assets that I've made, credit its appreciated when using them